Peifung E. Lam


I completed my Ph.D. at the Computer Science Department at Stanford University. My thesis was in the area of privacy and web security, and my advisor was  Prof. John C. Mitchell . Brian Conrad, Dan Boneh, and Ryan and Virginia Williams were on my Ph.D. exam committee, besides John.

Referred Publications

Ellick M. Chan, Peifung E. Lam, John C. Mitchell, Understanding the Challenges with Medical Data Segmentation for Privacy (.pdf), HealthTech’13 (USENIX), 2013.

Peifung E. Lam, John C. Mitchell, Andre Scedrov, Sharada Sundaram, and Frank Wang, Declarative Privacy Policy: Finite Models and Attribute-Based Encryption (.pdf), Proc. 2nd ACM International Health Informatics Symposium, 2012.

D. Akhawe, A. Barth, P. Lam, J.C. Mitchell and D. Song, Towards a formal foundation of Web security (.pdf), Proc. IEEE Symposium on Computer Security Foundations, 2010.

Peifung E. Lam, John C. Mitchell, and Sharada Sundaram, A Formalization of HIPAA for a Medical Messaging System (.pdf), S. Fischer-Hübner et al. (Eds.): TrustBus, LNCS 5695, pp. 73-85, 2009.

Elie Bursztein, Peifung E. Lam, and John C. Mitchell, TrackBack Spam: Abuse and Prevention (.pdf), ACM CCSW, Chicago, 2009.